ELF THC ELF THC – Eldarin Blend Vape Pens – 5G


ELF THC – Eldarin Blend Vape Pens – 5000mg



Shop the ELF THC Eldarin Blend Disposable, featuring 5 grams of delta-8 THC live resin with terpenes to create a deliciously flavored hemp-based vape. If you’re ready to elevate your THC experience, look no further than these pens. Try all 3 strains of these mouth watering pens.

ELF THC Eldarin Blend Disposable 5000mg Features:

• Capacity: 5G (5000mg)

• Battery Capacity: 380mAh

• Cannabinoid: Delta 8 THC

• Concentrate: Live Resin, Terpenes

• Heating Element: Ceramic Coil

• Firing: Draw-Activated

• LED Battery Life Indicator Light

• Chassis Construction: Polycarbonate

• < 0.3% Delta-9 THC

• No Fillers

• 3rd Party Lab Tested

• Charging: Type-C Port


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